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Getting here by air

With five airlines flying direct to the Cook Islands from Tahiti, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand - and connections beyond, you will be lying on a beach in no time!

Air Rarotonga

Operating for more than 40 years, Air Rarotonga has been bringing families and friends together, helping create unforgettable experiences. Proudly locally owned, with many more exciting years ahead.

From To Departure Arrival
Papeete Rarotonga Sunday 8:20am Sunday 10.55am
Papeete Rarotonga Wednesday 8:40am Wednesday 11:20am
Rarotonga Papeete Saturday 12:25pm Saturday 3:10pm
Rarotonga Papeete Tuesday 2.20pm Tuesday 5pm

Air Tahiti

The main carrier for French Polynesia for more than 60 years, following the path of their Polynesian legendary heroes. The airline is committed to reducing the impact on the environment by supporting cultural and social actions of the community.

From To Departure Arrival
Papeete Rarotonga Saturday 8:40am Saturday 11:25am
Papeete Rarotonga Sunday 8:20am Sunday 10:55am
Rarotonga Papeete Saturday 12:25pm Saturday 3:10pm
Rarotonga Papeete Sunday 11:55am Sunday 2:30pm

Hawaiian Airlines

Founded in 1929, the airline strives to incorporate Hawaiian culture and hospitality into its services. Passengers can experience the Aloha spirit throughout their journey.

From To Departure Arrival
Honolulu Rarotonga Saturday 4pm Saturday 10:25pm
Rarotonga Honolulu Sunday 11:35pm Monday 5:50am


Famous for its low fares, the airline's mission is to enable more people to fly to more places, more often.

From To Departure Arrival
Auckland Rarotonga Saturday 3:10pm Friday 9pm
Auckland Rarotonga Tuesday 3:10pm Monday 9pm
Auckland Rarotonga Thursday 3:10pm Wednesday 9pm
Rarotonga Auckland Monday 9:50pm Wednesday 12:20am
Rarotonga Auckland Wednesday 9:50pm Friday 12:20am
Rarotonga Auckland Friday 9:50pm Sunday 12:20am
Sydney Rarotonga Sunday 9:30pm Sunday 7am
Sydney Rarotonga Tuesday 9:30pm Tuesday 7am
Sydney Rarotonga Thursday 9:30pm Thursday 7am
Rarotonga Sydney Sunday 9am Monday 12:30pm
Rarotonga Syndey Tuesday 9am Wednesday 12:30pm
Rarotonga Sydney Thursday 9am Friday 12:30pm

Air New Zealand

With people at its core the airline connects travellers with each other and the world. Proudly bearing the Koru, a cultural symbol, meaning new life, renewal and hope for the future.

From To Departure Arrival
Auckland Rarotonga Sunday 8:55am Saturday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Sunday 7:15pm Sunday 1:10am
Auckland Rarotonga Monday 8:55am Sunday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Tuesday 8:55am Monday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Wednesday 6am Tuesday 11:55am
Auckland Rarotonga Wednesday 8:55am Tuesday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Thursday 6am Wednesday 11:55am
Auckland Rarotonga Thursday 8:55am Wednesday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Friday 8:55am Thursday 2:40pm
Auckland Rarotonga Saturday 6am Friday 11:55am
Auckland Rarotonga Saturday 8:55am Friday 2:40pm
Rarotonga Auckland Sunday 3am Monday 5:35am
Rarotonga Auckland Sunday 4pm Monday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Monday 4pm Tuesday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Tuesday 1:10pm Wednesday 3:45pm
Rarotonga Auckland Tuesday 4pm Wednesday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Wednesday 1:10pm Thursday 3:45pm
Rarotonga Auckland Wednesday 4pm Thursday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Thursday 4pm Friday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Friday 1:10pm Saturday 3:45pm
Rarotonga Auckland Friday 4pm Saturday 6:25pm
Rarotonga Auckland Saturday 4pm Sunday 6:25pm

Note: Flights from NZ and Australia to Rarotonga cross the international dateline, so when you're planning a trip to Rarotonga remember you'll arrive the day before you depart. On the return you'll arrive the day after you depart Rarotonga.

Flight days and times are subject to availability and can change without notice. For the most up to date information and to discuss flights please contact us.

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