Atiu is over eight million years old and the third largest island in the Cooks. Also known as Enua Manu, Island of the Birds, this friendly place of one-time fearsome warriors, has wild tropical jungle and secluded beaches to explore. This is the adventurer’s dream!

The island is a raised coral atoll with an interesting history, local traditions and distinctive geological structure, a raised coral limestone reef known as the Makatea. Its fossilized coral limestone has many caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The world famous Anatakitaki Cave is inhabited by tiny Kopeka birds which navigate in the dark guided by the echoes of their clicking sounds.

Atiu is notable for its coffee too. 'Atiu Coffee' is world famous and its Factory has tours available that end with you sampling a cup of it!

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Must Do's While You Experience Atiu
Atiu - Birdman
Discover Cook Islands
Bush walk with local Birdman George, learn about the bird life, flora and fauna of Atiu

Atiu - Bush Beer
Discover Cook Islands
Visit the Tumunu to sample the bush beer brewed locally

Atiu - Coffee
Discover Cook Islands
Take up the Island Coffee Tour, then chill out and savour a freshly brewed cup of coffee

Atiu - Fishing
Discover Cook Islands
Go reef or deep sea fishing

Atiu - Food
Discover Cook Islands
See how local food such as taro is grown and harvested

Atiu - Kopeka
Discover Cook Islands
Explore Anatakitaki Cave and see if you can spot the rare kopeka birds

Atiu - Ora Varu
Discover Cook Islands
Visit Ora Varu (Captain Cook’s Landing) and learn about the islands history

Atiu - Warriors
Discover Cook Islands
Learn the stories of the island’s fierce warrior ancestors from the locals
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