Rarotonga Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the capital and hub of the Cook Islands.

This island paradise is the largest and youngest island (2.3 million years old) of the group. It’s a just 32 kms right around the island with a resident population of about 11,000 people. The main township Avarua is located on the north side of the island.

Rarotonga is encircled by a fringing reef and lagoon, so water-based activities are on offer everywhere. There’s a wide range of accommodation options, transport, tours and activities, sports and eventsart, restaurants and cafes, activities for children and much more!

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Must Do's While You Experience Rarotonga
Raro - Cocktail
Discover Cook Islands
Sip on a cocktail, while you lie in a deck chair as the sun sets over the lagoon – then take a moonlit stroll on the beach

Raro - Cross Island
Discover Cook Islands
Tackle the cross-island trek – a great way to see the rainforest side of the Island

Raro - Cruise
Discover Cook Islands
Take a lagoon cruise into Muri Lagoon and the surrounding reef. Spot giant Trevally fish and try crab racing.

Raro - Cuisine
Discover Cook Islands
Sample the local cuisine including an umu or the national dish ika mata (fresh tuna marinated in coconut milk, lime and chilli)

Raro - Dancers
Discover Cook Islands
Swing your hips with the incredible Cook Island dancers at an island night

Raro - Diving
Discover Cook Islands
This is a diving paradise. The visibility all year round is 30 metres, with warm waters of 25 degrees, with so much to see – and it’s just so easy

Raro - Food
Discover Cook Islands
Cycle around the inner road of the island, a great way to see local life and spot some of the ancient Marae

Raro - Sarong
Discover Cook Islands
Buy a multi-coloured Pareu (a sarong) from the roadside or at a store in Avarua

Raro - Shopping
Discover Cook Islands
Stock up on black pearls, wood carvings and local art as gifts for family and friends, from the popular Punanga Nui Markets in Avarua (open Saturday mornings until midday)

Raro - Snorkel
Discover Cook Islands
Snorkel in crystal clear waters, collecting shells and spotting the colourful trigger fish and blue starfish
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