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About the Cooks

The Cook Islands are 15 islands sprinkled over 2.25 million sq km of the Pacific Ocean.

Located halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, the Cook Islands are easily accessible and enjoy year round sunshine and a pleasant climate. With a mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands, the Cook Islands are a true tropical paradise boasting lush vegetation, turquoise clear lagoons and stretches of white sandy beaches fringed by tropical palms.

With a resident population of over 17,000 the people of the Cooks are close-knit through community and family values, age-old traditions and a vibrant Polynesian culture.  

Find out more about our islands and how to make the most of this special destination!

Our Islands

The Cook Islands, locally referred to as ‘the Cooks’, have some of the most amazing and diverse scenery found anywhere in the South Pacific. From rugged, ancient bush-clad volcanic peaks to white sandy beaches and atolls.

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Culture & History

The beauty and charm of the Cooks is matched by the friendliness of the people who think nothing at all of offering a lift, having a chat with you on the beach or extending an invitation to dinner.

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Common Phrases

Our language is Cook Islands Maori. Although many Cook Islanders speak and understand English. Here are a few phrases that might come in handy.

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