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This magnificent and remote coral atoll, with a fish hook shaped emergent volcanic peak at the northern end, rises up 4000 meters from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Aitutaki consists of 3 volcanic and 12 coral islets (motu). Home to one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, it’s only a 45-minute flight from Rarotonga – you can even go for just a day trip

The Aitutaki lagoon offers many water-based activities including snorkeling and scuba diving, as the island has some of the most bio-diverse reef systems in the world. The outer canyons of the barrier reef hold several hundred species of fish, while the inner lagoon tours will take you to the giant clam reserve, small motu and some of the nicest beaches you have ever set foot on. It truly has to be seen to be believed!

There are daily inter-island flights to Aitutaki and tours to experience. Let us organise your dream trip to make the most of this beautiful island or find out more about our Holiday Packages.

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Must Do's While You Experience Aitutaki

Catch the famous Bonefish

Catch the famous Bonefish also named ‘the ghost of the flats’ renowned for its speed and strength

Take a lagoon cruise tour

Take a lagoon cruise tour to some of the smaller islands, snorkel and feed the fish

Kayak next to a turtle

Kayak next to a turtle and enjoy the expanse and beauty of the lagoon

Learn to kitesurf

Learn to kitesurf at Honeymoon Island

Visit the Ministry of Marine Resources

Visit the Ministry of Marine Resources to learn about the local sea life and check out the baby clams and turtles

Have your passport stamped

Have your passport stamped at the world’s smallest post office on One Foot Island

Visit the villages

Visit the villages dotted around the island, some featuring old coral and lime churches

Take an easy 30-minute walk

Take an easy 30-minute walk to the summit of ‘Mount Maunga Pu’, Aitutaki’s highest point for spectacular panoramic views